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What is a GreenerRoadshow?

A GreenerRoadshow™ is a roadshow or financial event (Investor Day, CMD, Results Presentation etc.) in which we team up with our client to mitigate the negative externalities of the IR activity as much as possible and then offset the remainder; the unavoidable damaging impact that IR activities have on the environment.

GreenerRoadshows™ is a solution to the negative environmental impacts of IR. In 2021, the GreenerRoadshows methodology was verified by Carbon Footprint, an ISO 14001 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our sustainability reporting is reliable, accurate and provides an opportunity to certify IR events as PAS2060 Carbon Neutral.




Define the objectives, estimate the footprint of the project, establish key mitigation areas and explore offsetting options.


Lower the carbon footprint of the Roadshow through a bespoke action plan without compromising the IR objective


The calculation will take into account all aspects of the project and  we will provide you with the total amount of CO2e to be offset


The final figure will be offset via Gold Standard approved projects at the market rate on the final day of the project. It will be certified by Carbon Footprint.


The calculation and offset will be audited and verified by a 3rd party.

We will then help you communicate this both internally and to your wider stakeholder universe to ensure maximum exposure and momentum generated around the push to Net Zero in our industry.

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