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Greener roadshows

"Paving the way to sustainable Investor Relations"

Our story

Greener Roadshows is the subsidiary of Mediatree which was founded in 2016. Mediatree is one of the world’s most respected agencies specialising in the logistics and production of financial roadshows and events. It was founded in 1998. 

At Mediatree, we are acutely aware that our responsibilities extend far beyond providing seamless IR solutions for our clients. We have a duty of care to right the inescapable wrongs of our chosen industry.

Sadly, a large carbon footprint is an unintended and environmentally damaging consequence of the work that we do when assisting our clients with their IR efforts. Long haul flights, car transfers, accommodation, and printing are synonymous with roadshows.

We are driven and motivated to limit the negative effects of our industry both internally as well as in the services that we provide for our clients.

We are proud to be pioneers in the Investor Relations space by offering “greener” roadshows through GreenerRoadshows™. What we cannot avoid, we look to offset. Mediatree compensates for unavoidable emissions by investing in high-quality CDM Gold Standard climate protection projects.

OUR mission

Our mission is to flawlessly deliver physical, hybrid and virtual events and roadshows, as well as other investor communication services, in a sustainable way. We achieve this by teaming up with our clients and our ethically assessed supply chain to mitigate and offset the negative externalities of their IR activity.


Furthermore, Mediatree aims to reinforce this mission by investing in our people, our brand, and in the positive growth of our communities through the creation of good practices in everything we undertake during the day to day.

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